Top TCL TVs in 2024

Top TCL TVs in 2024

Top TCL TVs in 2024 | TCL 

TCL has become a major player in the TV market, offering a wide range of options at competitive prices. But with so many models, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This post will guide you through the Top TCL TVs in 2024, categorized by your needs:


  • The Overall Champion: TCL QM8

    • Stunning QLED picture with vibrant colors, sharp 4K resolution, and Dolby Vision HDR
    • Ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate for gamers and fast-paced content
    • Immersive Dolby Atmos sound
    • User-friendly Google TV platform with built-in Google Assistant
    • Estimated price: PKR 145,000 – PKR 218,000

    The Budget-Friendly King: TCL S4

    • Excellent 4K picture quality for everyday viewing
    • Simple and affordable option
    • Estimated price: PKR 43,500 – PKR 72,500

    Big Screen Bliss: TCL XL Class

    • Massive screen sizes for a cinematic home theater experience
    • Excellent picture quality for an immersive viewing experience
    • Various screen sizes to fit your space
    • Estimated price: Starting around PKR 102,000 and varies depending on screen size

    Top TCL TVs in 2024: TCL Q6

    • QLED technology for improved color and contrast compared to standard LED TVs
    • Excellent picture quality at a mid-range price
    • User-friendly Google TV platform
    • Estimated price: PKR 87,000 – PKR 117,000

    The Gamer’s Paradise: TCL Q7

    • Built for ultra-smooth gameplay with a 120Hz refresh rate and VRR technology
    • QLED panel for excellent picture quality
    • Ideal for gamers who prioritize performance
    • Estimated price: PKR 117,000 – PKR 145,000

    Choosing Your TCL TV:

    Consider these factors when making your decision:

    • Screen Size: Think about how big you want your TV and the available space.
    • Resolution: 4K is standard, but 8K models are available for future-proofing.
    • Smart TV Features: Choose a platform like Google TV or Roku that suits you.
    • Refresh Rate: Gamers benefit from a higher refresh rate (like 120Hz) for smoother visuals.
    • HDR: HDR provides better contrast and a more realistic picture.
Conclusion | Top TCL TVs in 2024

TCL’s 2024 lineup caters to all. Gamers can conquer lag with the Q7, movie lovers can be wowed by the QM8’s picture quality, and budget-conscious viewers can enjoy great visuals with the S4. Regardless of your preference, there’s a TCL TV waiting to become the star of your home entertainment setup.

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